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Letter: Trump is hard to defend, even for his blind loyalists

The Republican party has long accused the Democrats of being “soft on crime.” The Republican party also routinely refers to itself as “the party of law and order.”

I submit that the Republican party is also “the party of gutless, spineless and hypocritical sycophants,” bowing to the will of Donald Trump. How else can you explain their support for Trump and his family?

The Republican ire concerning the House investigation questioning Michael Cohen last week belies their fruitless 33 hearings into the tragedy in Benghazi, which ultimately led to no criminal charges at all. The Republicans are defending the indefensible; a reckless, lying, slandering, cheating and dishonest Donald Trump, a man who has no respect for the rule of law!

Republicans on the Hill who subserviently continue to stand by this unfit president will learn it wasn’t worth it. Their loyalty will never be returned from Trump, who has never been loyal to anybody, except to himself. These defenders will be tarnished forever and be “relegated to that dustbin in history,” not a good legacy to leave behind.

Larry Gustina


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