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Letter: Teaching men, women truth about abortion would help

A letter in the Feb. 21 newspaper argues that men have no right to express their opinion about abortion. I am the proud father of two sons and two daughters, and was an equal partner in all aspects of their care and support. My father was an obstetrician who delivered more than 20,000 children. He helped dozens of families achieve the gift of adoption.

I disagree with the pro-choice movement on three important issues. First, there is no question that the fetus is an unborn child that is fully viable. If the unborn child were not alive, there would be no need for an abortion to end his/her life. Life does not begin at birth. This is simple, undeniable, biological science: life begins at conception.

Second the pro-choice movement insists that the unborn child is “part” of their body and that it is solely their right to choose what happens to its life. Clearly DNA evidence proves that this is completely untrue. If it were true, how could a woman give birth to a male child? The unborn child is a distinctly different human being with his/her own individual rights and DNA.

Third, the pro-choice movement resists all efforts to educate men and women about the truth concerning abortion vs. adoption. I understand laws forbidding abortion will not work and will cause significant harm to many women. But I believe better efforts to educate women and men about the truth about abortion and the wonders of adoption would save the lives of millions. Better education about the benefits of, and affordability of (as in free) contraception would be great too.

Peter Hurley


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