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Letter: Dems ignore border security to the nation’s potential peril

Unless you live on Mars, everyone knows that America’s southern border has been a sieve for illegal immigrants for decades. Whether you acknowledge that fact is quite another question. This is not a “manufactured” issue as Democrats blather, ignoring the blatant hypocrisy of their past support for border barriers. How can any rational, loyal American not support securing our borders? What other countries in the world would allow scores of people to constantly break the law by invading – yes invading – their nations?

Obviously much of the blame for this problem is due to the illicit drug appetite of many Americans, an issue that also must be faced, but also one of personal responsibility. Still, Republicans and Democrats both have refused to address the wall issue for much too long. Many liberal talking heads whine that such an obstacle is ineffective and unnecessary. It’s obvious they are much better informed than U.S. Border Patrol officers who have a vastly different opinion, right? Perhaps Israeli security officials could chime in on how effective a wall has been among components protecting their border.

What pandemic of insanity now fevers Democrats as well as their blind lapdogs in the media, especially MSNBC and the Collusion News Network?

The Chuck and Nancy madhouse keeps expanding with the amazingly brilliant AOC ready to wave her magic wand and do away with airplanes, flatulent cows and ICE. Maybe an undersea tunnel for wind-powered cars to reach Hawaii is the next incredible step in her plan. Meanwhile, the clueless club of Dem presidential hopefuls keeps piling into the clown car.

These pathetic shysters would be laughable if they weren’t so potentially dangerous to our nation. Certainly the results of the mind-numbingly epic Mueller probe will prove Trump is the universe’s worst arch villain, right?

Gordon Derek Smith


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