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Letter: Liberal left shows itself intolerant of other views

Recently there have been several letters demanding The News stop publishing political cartoons by Michael Ramirez and opinion pieces by Marc Thiessen.

Obviously, the writers of these letters don’t like what is printed. Over the years, there have been similar letters. Their targets are always conservative or Republican leaning writers. These letters are displaying the true face of the left, which tries to shut down free speech, opposing opinion, and debate.

The News publishes opinion from more than a dozen various writers. I believe the majority are from the left of center.

Even though I may disagree with many of them, I do in fact read several writers to hear what they have to say. Some are totally useless. In regard to Thiessen, I think he is the heir to the (Charles) Krauthammer “throne.”

He uses facts, logic and reason in expressing his opinions. The complainers may disagree with Thiessen’s conclusions, but they may educate themselves if they try reading him.

Thiessen certainly is not evil and should be continued. For the complainers, take note: Ramirez recently did a piece ripping Trump (surprise!). The analysis can go on and on.

There are two major points to conclude with. The first is, we never see a letter calling for the deletion of a liberal writer. That is because conservative leaning readers are not interested in shutting down debate or preventing free speech. The other is to the “snowflakes.” Stop reading writers you do not like, or read them with an open mind to see what others are thinking outside of your routine “bubble.” Either way, stop complaining.

James Sterman

East Amherst

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