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Letter: Instead of legislation, let’s take responsibility

A letter writer in Everybody’s Column on Feb. 26 illuminated and helped confirm my beliefs regarding contradictions of compassion and values looming large, I feel, in present society.

“A homeless person can die in the cold, but the politicians cannot draft a law that would ensure mandatory protection for the less fortunate,” he states.

This man is right on one point: Larry Bierl died in plain sight. But why, I ask, are we looking for legislation to cure our ills?

My daughter, Stephanie, also recently died in plain sight.

She displayed symptoms and behavior out-of-sync with the brilliant soul she was, yet no one reacted. Asking politicians to draft and design mandates to corral mental illness issues is a tenuous and frightening proposition.

Changes to achieve real compassion for people suffering come from within us, person to person. This is a human issue not a political platform.

Janice Schlau


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