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Letter: Stop blaming teachers for what’s missing at home

Starting in 1975 I taught high school chemistry and the sciences for four years. I loved it and felt that I had found my place in the world. After the fourth year I had enough of the liberalism and permissiveness that crept into the schools in the short decade since I graduated.

I then embarked on a 30-year industrial career with a highly successful global chemical company. My industrial career afforded me a chance to fulfill my teaching aspirations by giving me trainees in six-month assignments.

Close to the end of my commercial career, I taught a night chemistry course for two years at a local community college which was highly rewarding. The student body was made up mostly of motivated returning learners.

The article about the predicted teacher shortage in the Jan. 28 edition of The Buffalo News does not mention the real problems.

Lack of respect by students and parents alike. Fear of bodily harm/assault. Teachers just want to be teachers but end up being disciplinarians, parents, counselors, and they teach part-time. School boards and lawyers now play a bigger role in the classroom than teachers.

All an aspiring teacher has to do is read this paper, watch the news or just look around at school to see that this profession is not worth a nervous breakdown nor bodily harm.

My very sentiments are highlighted in a Feb. 16 article by John Rosemond published in Refresh, “Teachers aren’t the problem with education.”

Just like illegal immigration where politicians want to defer and ignore the real problem and its obvious solutions, politicians and parents want to place blame on something else, in this instance the teacher and school.

What started in the 1970s was the ruin of American education. The result is entitled adults, ill prepared to meet the challenges of life and the workplace of today. As Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” And that place is the home.

William Knab


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