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Letter: Politicians looked bad during Cohen’s testimony

Civility is a rare commodity in politics these days. Partisan politics reigns, smear tactics abound, and the search for truth has long been abandoned. Nowhere is this more evident than Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing.

Trump’s former personal attorney acknowledges committing financial crimes and lying to Congress. Disbarred, disgraced. His family destroyed. He faces imprisonment. Clearly, he knows what he has done and must suffer the consequences.

Is there a reason why one faction of Congress feels the necessity to continually remind him that he is a liar and a felon, to threaten his family, or to accuse Cohen of appearing at the hearing in order to further his own self-interest?

They prefer to pontificate, to moralize instead of asking pertinent questions. The other side engages in chest thumping, using their new-found power to “get” the president and accusing their fellow legislators of obstruction. This takes precedent over a search for the truth. The art of inquiry gets short shrift.

Whether you believe what Cohen says or not, we should be able to question him and listen to his answers without any preconceived notions.

Despite Cohen’s shameful past behavior, I felt sympathy for him as members of Congress relentlessly assailed him. How sad to see someone fall so far. Sadder yet is how far our politicians have fallen.

Suzanne Michele Diffine


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