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Letter: Ocasio-Cortez is moving in all the wrong directions

How does one explain the phenomenon that is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? She’s famous primarily for being famous and making utterly imbecilic statements, i.e., the “Green New Deal.”

Retrofitting/rebuilding every building in America? Banning “combustible” engines? (No need for that, since none exist. Nobody would buy engines that regularly catch fire - check the definition of combustible.) It has been explained that conventional airplanes would become obsolete because planes will use electricity for short flights and advanced (presently non-existent) zero-carbon fuels for longer flights. A battery large enough to power a plane would weigh so much the plane would never get off the ground.

As for high-speed trains, California can’t make them work. What chance would there be in “fly-over country?” Oh wait, Democrats don’t really care about that part of the country.

When asked the cost of this plan, she said we should think of this as an investment, not expense - that the Federal Reserve could give us the money. I assume she means printing more money with no backing. Economics doesn’t work that way.

She majored in international relations and economics at Boston University. BU should demand she stop disclosing that, since her grasp of economics tarnishes the university’s stellar reputation.

And don’t even get me started on “cow farts.” (Her words, not mine!) If this plan weren’t so dangerous, I would think she came up with it to submit to “Saturday Night Live” while applying to be a comedy writer.

Finally, as someone who has been involved in the environmental movement for decades, I find the labelling of her as “AOC” ironic. AOC already has an established definition. It’s an Environmental Protection Agency term for areas which are “environmentally sensitive or damaged.” How appropriate!

Chuck Godfrey


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