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Letter: Higgins should stop lobbying to tear down the Skyway

It is so tiring to read that Brian Higgins is

lobbying for taking down the Skyway and having a new Outer Harbor Bridge.

There are 40,000 cars

that come into the city using the Skyway. We saw this summer what happens to traffic when it is closed- and that was only partial.

Traffic nightmares. Oh yes,

. Buffalo is big on those, piles of them around. And the Department of Transportation indicated that the bridge would cost $100 million and we just spent $30 million on Skyway maintenance. And the community wants public access to the Outer Harbor, not commercial or housing development. Note that is a two-lane highway at the Outer Harbor that will not support the traffic. So, one has to wonder why Higgins is so hot on this.

It would be great if Rep. Higgins, who is on the House Committee on Ways and Means would focus on securing businesses and jobs that pay $50,000 to $100,000 for Buffalo.

Jan Barton

East Aurora

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