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Letter: Evidence is mounting against this president

Unprecedented wind speeds and temperature fluctuations locally. Devastating wildfires, resulting mudslides, and a polar vortex, featuring record–setting low temperatures, nationally. Still, against all credible scientific opinion, the current administration, not to mention one of our local federal representatives (Hint: the indicted one), calls the climate change phenomenon a “hoax,” leaves the Paris Climate Agreement, and hires anti-environmental stooges to lead related Cabinet positions.

What could possibly be the motivation for these actions?

Certainly not the welfare and safety of the American people. I am hopeful, as we all should be, that the answer to this and other potential illegal actions and conspiracies will be made public as the truth about this corrupt and immoral cadre of liars is exposed under the ongoing House and Justice Department investigations.

Though not usually a betting man, wagering that these reasons and motivations land in the vicinity of lining the pockets of the Trump family and their henchmen is a lock.

As in “lock them up.”

Dann Wulf

Orchard Park

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