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Letter: So many issues, so little time to get at each and every one

Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Researchers know it’s been hotter, colder, and more carbon dioxide long ago from ice, and tree core samples. Yet we use the last 200 years to study man-made climate change. No predictions have come true. NASA is studying Maunder Minimum. The heat output of the sun is dropping. National Geographic says the poles are shifting. The orbit around the sun varies. This hoax is all about getting your money through taxes, green energy, etc.

All government college aid should be eliminated. The more government helps the more colleges charge. Repeal The Higher Education Amendments Act of 1998 Bill Clinton signed making college debt ineligible for bankruptcy. Then colleges, and banks would care what you take, and job prospects. Otherwise you could default.

If federal law under USC 15 were enforced health care costs would drop like a rock. It’s a felony to charge different prices for the same service as in which insurer you have. It’s a felony to not post prices, or give estimates before service. Health care industry lost twice at Supreme Court trying to change this.

The FBI committed fraud on the FISA court using the still unverified dossier as true. This launched the Mueller investigation which has charged people for anything but collusion. About 25 FBI/Department of Justice officials have quit, been fired, or under investigation. The emails released by WikiLeaks were true, and Obama said the Russians had no effect on our election results.

The governor is worried about the tax shortfall, and the rich leaving if taxed more. How about taxing, or cutting the tax-free state pensions. A look at shows thousands of people receiving $80,000 to $324,000

Nobody should be getting over $40,000. Most people get

A one-year residency requirement, and five-year max to receive welfare would help.

David Petrie


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