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Letter: Loyalists must decide whether to keep the faith

“President” Trump has repeatedly and adamantly dismissed the findings of multiple American intelligence agencies regarding national security issues, preferring instead to accept the egregious and transparent lies told by Russian puppet master Vladimir Putin.

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe has just cited yet another incomprehensible Putin-influenced decision – Trump’s rejection of incontrovertible hard evidence that North Korea possessed operational missiles capable of striking the United States.

Such conduct would have engendered bipartisan outrage and immediate calls for presidential impeachment at any other time in our nation’s history.

Not so today; Trump’s base and the many complicit sycophants comprising his administration will once again categorically dismiss these allegations as “fake news.”

Trump’s supporters include the vast majority of armed forces personnel, presumably because he is (ostensibly) a Republican – the political party long synonymous with patriotism and a strong military.

Americans with even a modicum of critical thinking skills should realize by now that Trump and his coterie of corrupt scoundrels have been somehow compromised by the Russians (and possibly other authoritarian regimes).

My introspective question for all current and former members of our military:

Would you risk your life and well-being carrying out phony, self-serving wartime operations authorized by a lying, treasonous putz?

Robert Galganski

West Seneca

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