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Letter: Justice is about to prevail as the truth is revealed

A mountain of evidence showing that the Russians had compromised Donald Trump became so obvious to the highest-ranking officials at the Justice Department that two years ago (May 2017) the FBI opened an investigation to determine if Trump was a Russian agent.

The G-men who approved the investigation were fired by Trump but not before the investigation was handed-off to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump invited the top two Russian spies into the Oval Office (Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov and Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak) to celebrate the firing of FBI Director James Comey. He told them he could relax because now the heat was off.

In Helsinki, Trump told the world media that even though his intelligence people told him that Russia interfered with our election, he believed Putin, who denied the allegation.

I believe that the House of Representatives and Mueller will reveal what has become obvious to anyone with eyes and ears and a brain – that Trump and some around him are traitorous. If Trump supporters want to follow their leader and show allegiance to Russia or to Nazis or child molesters or any mob family enterprise, that’s a losing gambit.

Americans won the Cold War against the Soviets, we won the Civil War against slavery, we put child abusers and mobsters in jail and our grandfathers and uncles killed Nazis relentlessly until they surrendered.

American democracy triumphed and will triumph again. Trump worshipers need to get on the right side of history. Know this: Trump is dirty and our intel community knows it. Justice will prevail.

Bob Catalano


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