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Letter: Fixing the old car seems the right decision, for now

The recent Buffalo News tips to avoid when renting a car talked mostly about insurance. Before that enters renters’ decision, they should evaluate actually “driving” one of the new cars.

Being elderly, my wife and I were considering fixing our 2004 Sable but rented one of those newfangled cars instead for a trip.

It used to stall every time we stopped but magically got going once we stepped on the accelerator. Who knew?

Also, what was our response when “reading” those images on the TV screen in the center of the dashboard?

It’s a regular Rorschach test!

So, when we wanted heat, I figured we had to play the TV game … Poke. Poke. Got symphonic music. Try again … Poke. Poke. Got Sirius radio. Seriously? During my poking, my wife noticed my drifting over double lines in the road. Not good.

So, I pulled into a gas station and looked through the small books that were in the glove compartment. Phone use, radio selections and changing a flat tire. None had to do with heat. So, I asked an older gentleman if he could help us. He couldn’t but his son figured it out. Awesome! We got heat. And I never played poker with the TV for the rest of the trip.

No more music but we had heat and we also decided to fix our Sable.

Sue and Tony Buttino Sr.

West Seneca

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