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Letter: Allowing priests to marry might be the right answer

One of the hottest topics in the news today is the cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

The simple solution to this problem is allowing priests to marry. The ancient idea of celibacy fosters an environment of abuse and cover-up by the church that should be abolished.

The fact that the church has a policy for children fathered by priests that is kept secret should have rung alarm bells many years ago.

Other religions allow their religious leaders to marry, so why not the Catholic Church? What better way to offer young couples marital advice than to have personal experience?

While we are focused on those who have been abused by priests, what about their children hidden under a cloak of secrecy and shame? Who is their advocate? I think that the pope owes its membership to come clean and change with the times. Only then will this cleanse the church and restore faith now hanging in the balance.

Charles D. Carter


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