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Editorial: It seems to us – A national comedy center, a bullet dodged, Musk’s mouth and a fast turtle

“Jamestown is now to comedy what Cooperstown is to baseball and Cleveland is to rock and roll,” observed Rep. Tom Reed after the House of Representatives passed a bill that makes Jamestown’s museum officially the National Comedy Center.

The $30 million center opened last August in the city that Lucille Ball helped put on the comedy map. Reed, Sens. Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have all been vocal supporters of the center. We would pay good money to see all three do a competitive round of Comedy Karaoke at the Jamestown museum.

Who would be the favorite? Well, Schumer is related to the comedian Amy Schumer. Gillibrand has made several appearances on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” And Reed is a member of the congressional Problem Solvers Caucus, proving that irony is not dead.

Here’s another reason to be grateful that Terry and Kim Pegula purchased the Buffalo Bills. As Wednesday’s congressional testimony by Michael Cohen persuasively showed, the bid by Donald Trump was based on phony numbers that inflated his wealth.

Five years ago, Cohen – now a felon because of lies he previously told Congress – told the Buffalo News that Trump’s wealth was far greater than had been reported.

Imagine the swirl of controversy here had Trump’s financial falsehoods come to light after buying the team. It would be Steinbrenner on steroids. Thank, again, Pegulas.

On the other hand, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be grateful for Elon Musk’s role in Buffalo’s hopes for a foothold in the solar panel business. The cofounder and CEO of Tesla can’t seem to help but come into conflict with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which this week asked a federal judge to hold Musk in contempt for violating a settlement deal reached last year.

Here’s an idea: Follow the rules, abide by agreements, sell some cars and get busy at RiverBend.

Of all the things that people lose every day – pens, remote controls, screwdrivers that moments before were right beside you – you’d think the one thing that would be impossible to misplace is a 100-pound tortoise. Right?

Nevertheless, Dusty the Turtle went missing last month in Roswell, N.M., after strong winds knocked open a gate, allowing him to saunter off into the desert, according to the Associated Press.

That’s all. No UFO jokes here.

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