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Truck gets stuck under bridge in City of Tonawanda. Again.

For at least the 56th time since 2000, a tractor-trailer has gotten stuck under the Young Street CSX bridge in the City of Tonawanda.

City police released a photo of the latest truck to get jammed under the bridge Thursday morning. Police said the driver told officers investigating the crash, "I should know better."

No injuries were reported.

Police and railroad officials have been trying for years to figure out how to keep truck drivers from underestimating the height of the rail road bridge.

Bright yellow signs lead up to the bridge : "WARNING LOW BRIDGE AHEAD." The height of the bridge is also clearly posted: 11'-6".

City of Tonawanda Police Capt. Fredric Foels has a navy-blue binder labeled "Young Street Bridge Data" that contains reports on every accident at the location since 2000.

Foels, who acts as the spokesman for the police department, used to work in records, and that's when he said he noticed the recurring problem.

"On average, it happens maybe two or three times a year," he said.

Some years, there is a spike.

"In 2011, it got hit eight times. In 2013, it got hit 10 times. … There were a couple of years where it hasn't gotten hit," Foels said.

Just 10 days ago, the driver of a tractor-trailer hauling potato chips wedged his rig beneath the bridge.

When it's a low bridge vs. a tall truck, the truck never wins


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