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Letter: Readers should allow for opposing viewpoints

Recently there were letters to the editor column regarding a political cartoon by Michael Ramirez, then another letter complaining that you dared to print a submission by Marc Thiessen and that it was at the top of the page. Perish the thought!

Since 90 percent of what appears in this section of the paper is decidedly a left-of-center perspective, apparently 90 percent of News editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis’ bias isn’t enough.

My question to these people is: What exactly are you so afraid of? Are your arguments so deficient, so lacking in logic, so difficult to defend that even 10 percent of an opposing view gets you so upset that you are forced to exhibit what can only be described as ideological fascism?

If The News ever gives in to the likes of you, its circulation will drop considerably. I suggest that rather than hyperventilate over an incidental flirtation with conservatism you reread the Constitution, not a long read actually, just the First Amendment might suffice.

Patrick Kelly

Grand Island

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