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Letter: President is attempting to rebrand the nation

Did anyone understand that when this president was elected, he would try to mold our country in his image? Considering his penchant for branding things, who’s surprised?

Failing to get the wall money he wanted from Congress, the president has declared a national emergency and will plunder various departments for the billions he perceives necessary to build a wall on which to affix his name.

That’s all this is, really. He wants to be a hero. Having declared people of color unequal and undeserving and inhuman, he wants to prevent them from living and working in our country.

He, the child of immigrants, wishes to keep others out. He, whose family had a chance to breathe free, wishes to deny that possibility to others.

Thankfully, there are still mechanisms in place to stop the insatiable appetite of this desperately insecure, ignorant man.

Kathleen Geib

East Aurora

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