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Letter: Americans spend much time hoping, praying for the best

Sailing the “SS Titanic,” watching our country sink into the abyss of a dystopian presidency and MAGA hats floating away, concerned Americans wonder, expect, hope or pray.

Some wonder if the tax cut for the very wealthy leaves anything for them. Sorry! Minuscule at first, it will soon become non-existent. Someone forgot to tell them that our deficit, now $22 trillion, which was supposed to decrease after that tax cut, actually increased by $6 trillion in two years.

Some expected a border wall that Mexico would pay for. Sorry! That won’t happen either. Truly. Contrasted with our Statue of Liberty, would you, really, prefer a 2,000-mile monument to hate and bigotry?

Some heard boasts that, “no one does deals like me” with notions for national infrastructure improvement. Sorry! There are no deals, nor anything on the drawing board. Oh, you also hoped for promised improvements to the health care law? Well, get it from that same “socialist” Democratic Party that gave you Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the eight-hour workday, the five-day workweek, and now, health care. The party of Trump fought against all of it. So, perhaps you love our planet and hoped for climate change legislation. Again, with this group in charge, forget it.

The rest of us, also, hope and pray. Hoping that the 2020 election arrives quickly. “He or she,” black, white, brown, red or yellow. Just give us someone with heart, a brain, loyalty to country above loyalty to our adversaries and someone not solely devoted to deep pockets.

We pray that,

Russia keeps its hands off of our election and Vladimir Putin away from our next president’s ear. Let them return to what they do best, destroying democracy in their own country.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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