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'We are deadlocked,' Corey Krug jury says in note to judge

UPDATE: Buffalo officer Corey Krug was found not guilty on three felony charges Feb. 26; jurors deadlocked on excessive force charge. Click here to read the latest on this story.


Jurors in the Corey Krug police brutality trial remain split on one of the four charges against the officer.

"We are deadlocked," they said in a note Tuesday afternoon to U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara.

In response, Arcara asked the jury to consider a partial verdict that would leave the outstanding charge undecided and open up the possibility of another trial down the road.

In an earlier note, jurors said they were in agreement on three of the four charges against Krug but could not agree on the final charge.

An 18-year veteran of the force, Krug is charged with using excessive force against three individuals in three separate incidents.

Buffalo Police Officer Corey Krug.

Defense attorney Terrence M. Connors asked Arcara if it might be possible to ask the jury about the stalemate.

"Is there any way to inquire about the source of the deadlock?," Connors asked.

Arcara said he considered that type of inquiry out of bounds.

"I wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot pole," he said.

The jury is expected to return this afternoon with a decision on whether to return a partial verdict.

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