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Letter: When it comes to walls, letter writer is mistaken

The writer of a recent letter brings the Berlin Wall to the discussion of a possible future southern wall.

He seems to be forgetting that the wall in Berlin was built to incarcerate Eastern Germans in their own nation, blocking them from West Berlin and the rest of the free world. I was actually living in West Germany when East Germany opened all of its borders, being the Berlin Wall the most visible one. I had an almost first-row seat for that grandiose event.

A southern wall is not intended to incarcerate anybody, but to protect United States citizens from unwanted drug smugglers, as well as to help future legal immigrants not to be trampled by those who do not want to wait in line as they are doing.

The Berlin Wall was meant to collapse, as it did.

For those who are seeking a comparison, I propose the Great Wall of China, which for many centuries protected China from invasions from different nomadic groups.

Carolina Galan


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