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Letter: Catholic Church should sell its most cherished resources

Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed the bill giving aggrieved adults a one-year window to pursue legal action against the Catholic Church we will finally see justice done for the many children who lost their youth, no, their very being to pedophiles who cloaked themselves around the word of God to rape and abuse them. This will cost the established church billions. They deserve far worse.

Fear not ye faithful that those soon to be offered settlement checks will somehow bankrupt Rome. Your Pew Rent is safe. There are literally thousands of ways they can scrape-up the money without fear of ever being bankrupted.

They can start with a high-end garage sale featuring the masterworks of, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Donatello, and Caravaggio. Why the sale of Michelangelo’s, “Pieta,” alone would more than cover the first round of reparations for all those souls who were suffocated by these grotesque deeds.

Oh, and let’s not forget the priests who sat by and watched silently as those who exacerbated the carnage continually rounded up the perps and moved them to other parishes to continue the onslaught. My guess is that the “Pieta” alone would fetch close to a billion. I bet Jeff Bezos could handle that paltry sum with the proceeds from one good Christmas sales weekend at Amazon. I mean which Saudi Prince wouldn’t scoop up, “The Last Supper,” by da Vinci or one of Raphael’s “Tapestries” hanging in the Vatican Museum if they were for sale? The pope would have a ton of money left over.

Nonetheless, they’ll need a bunch more to cover what went on in South America, the Philippines, and Europe though. They just may have to reach into to the items found in the Vatican Library to cover those costs.

Stephen Saracino


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