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Williamsville's Wendie Malick is in such demand it is hard for her to keep roles straight

PASADENA, Calif. – Wendie Malick is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.

The Williamsville South graduate, who is best known for her roles on “Dream On,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Hot in Cleveland” and “Frasier,” is so much in demand that you wonder how she can keep all her roles straight.

It turns out she can’t.

In a brief interview at a party held by Hallmark here recently, Malick started reeling off all the series and movies she has been in recently.

At one point, the 68-year-old actress noted she was playing Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) mother on “This Is Us.”

I am ashamed to say it took several seconds to tell her that Rebecca – Mandy Moore’s character – is Kevin’s mother.

Malick plays the mother of Toby (Chris Sullivan) on “This Is Us.”

“I’m so sorry, I am completely conflating,” laughed Malick. “I’ve been in way too many shows.”

She also has had to deal with the recent fires in California that uprooted many people from their homes.

“During the fire here … we got evacuated out of Topanga,” she explained. “I had to get my four horses to Pierce College (in Los Angeles). I took my two dogs. My husband stayed there to fight the fires and I was working on a movie and two different television shows. Every morning I forgot who I was and where I was going, and I actually made a wrong turn because I was going to the wrong studio. So life can be very confusing. So forgive me if I conflated.”

She is forgiven.

Malick was at the Hallmark party because she has been in one of the channel’s biggest Christmas movies and has appeared in one of its popular series, “Darrow and Darrow.”

“We might do another one,” she said.

She also has recurring roles on ABC’s “American Housewife” and on “The Ranch” on Netflix. She plays the mother of the lead character in “Housewife” and rancher Lisa Neumann in “The Ranch.”

She sounded most excited about recently doing a pilot for Fox called “Richard Lovely.”

“It is about a children’s book author who hates children,” Malick said. “I’m his mother, and it is kind of my fault. … She was best friends with Truman Capote when he was growing up. He based Holly Golightly on her. She was kind of an absentee mother and he ended up having to have imaginary friends, including a character who has now become his alter ego. It is really interesting.”

It is just a pilot now, which doesn’t guarantee it will become a series.

“One never knows, it is like throwing spaghetti on the wall, that’s what I always say,” Malick said.

She also is involved in an independent film shot in San Francisco, “The Surrogate,” that is scheduled to be in theaters in 2020.

“It has been a very interesting year of just showing up and taking interesting possibilities,” Malick said. “So it would be really nice to lean into another series and I hope this one goes.”

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