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Letter: Scooters on sidewalks would cause great havoc

A recent article discussed the attempts to bring motorized scooters to New York. It appears they can travel at speeds of up to20 miles per hour. They are even permitted on sidewalks in some cities. With a handicapped wife who uses a small motorized chair I can do nothing but be incredibly strongly opposed to this idea.

Our experiences with her chair with a joystick control, which is a lot smaller than a motor scooter (the handicap vehicle) would stun and offend many people, but not all.

She has been the victim of outright insults when people rushing out of shops crash into her and proceed to advise her to watch where she is going. She has had people look at her, see her and stand still and defy her not to go around them. Others have looked at her and walked right into her and cursed her. Can you imagine putting those people on electric scooters going 20 mph? I can’t.

Her chair has given her a high degree of dignity and independence. My defense of her in these situations exercises a high degree of self-control on my part. I hesitate to think what I may do if one of these scooters rams into her.

Peter BonSey


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