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Letter: New York’s new law is awkward for some

I don’t kid myself; unplanned pregnancy could have happened to my own children and I may not have known. They probably wouldn’t want me to know out of fear that they would disappoint me. I hope they would have told me, but who knows? I would never stop loving them, and I may have said, “I’m not raising a baby at my age,” but I would, because, what can you do? It would be my grandchild.

I always supported birth control, even in teenagers. That’s the time for choice, in my opinion. You want control over your own body? Exercise control by using some form of contraception. Free birth control medication is one of the best parts of the Affordable Care Act, and I hope it stays that way.

All that said, I still support the right of others to make the choice, because I’m not walking in their shoes. Most women find it agonizing and come away changed, marking their baby’s due date and thinking about how old s/he would be now. It’s rare, but it does happen that some people use abortion as birth control. That reflects a solid disrespect for life, and for their own lives.

I’m a Democrat, and I oppose abortion, especially New York’s new and applauded (?) late-term abortion law. (I listened to a doctor say that if the baby is viable, doctors will treat it as a live birth and care for the infant. Then why not carry the baby to term?) I find myself in an awful place where this is concerned. I hate this law, but I hate the idea of men, or women, making choices like that for other women.

Becky Arcese


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