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Letter: Democrats must own despicable abortion law

A bill was passed by the Democrats that now allow for third trimester late-term partial birth abortions. Have the legislators done their due diligence researching all the possible outcomes of this procedure? Have they checked on the amount of pain that a third trimester baby feels when this procedure is done? Have the legislators held town hall meetings in their districts to explain this law, and to find out how their constituents want them to vote on life and death issues?

Do the people know that after the vote on this abhorrent law, the legislators were jumping up and down, laughing, hugging and doing high fives? They were so happy that the governor had the World Trade Tower lit up in pink lights.

What does this say about our moral and ethical values? What has happened to the human heart that is supposed to be filled with love and compassion for our fellow human beings? What has happened to our moral orientation that is in our DNA? In times past I would vote for the best person running for political office, not the party line. Now, I would not cross to the Democratic line ever, because this law is your law, and this vote will go down in infamy!

How can Democrats live with themselves after voting into law the right to terminate life of a fully developed baby. It is unconscionable. This act is a shame on the governor, the legislators, the state of New York and the Democrats, because this will forever be part of the Democrat political platform.

Frank Sr. and Carol Russo


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