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Editorial: It seems to us – A dog lover does a good thing, Ed Kilgore dispatches his bad thing, blasting off

Three woofs for Don Chatten. The Wheatfield resident didn’t wonder what he had to do when, with the help of his own two dogs, he located a missing terrier in the icy waters of Tonawanda Creek, near the entrance to Ellicott Island Bark Park.

Chatten, a truck driver for The Buffalo News, had been stopped by a stranger asking if he had seen his missing dog. They split up to look and then, thinking the man must have found the pooch, Chatten prepared to leave. But his dogs stopped him twice and, with that, he heard a faint whimper, spotted the dog and waded into the freezing waters.

“Not many people would jump in for someone else’s dog,” said Mary Balicki, a witness. “He just saw a situation, and he just handled it.”

Sometimes, people are great.


Next time you’re having a bad day, tell yourself that at least it’s not an Ed Kilgore-style bad day. The former sports director of WGRZ-TV recently found himself in a Twitter dispute with a digital doppelgänger. Bad Ed had responded to a misunderstood joke by WGR Sports Radio 550 reporter Paul Hamilton. Hamilton castigated Good Ed over the matter, not knowing that Bad Ed was behind the electronic curtain. Got it?

Good Ed didn’t mind, at first. “I was actually kind of having fun with it for a while,” he said, But it soon got old.

“When somebody is using your name, your picture and your information, c’mon,” Good Ed said. What’s more, besides finding Bizarro Ed to be “gutless,” “a total coward” and “pitiful,” Good Ed, journalist that he is, twisted the wordsmith’s knife: “He was not a very good writer, which was kind of amusing.”

You have to like that. You go, Good Ed.


Here’s news worth repeating: For the second time in three years, students from one of Buffalo’s public schools have earned the right to have their science experiment launched to the International Space Station for testing.

In 2015, a team of three students from Hamlin Park School won the competition. This time, and with the same teacher at a different school, four students won the regional Take Flight Experiments Program: Sole Witt, 15; Alejandro Arrigo, 16; and the Everett sisters, Joy Elaine, 12, and Joanne, 13. Teacher Andrew Franz is providing inspiration. Eager students are bringing the rocket fuel, and Buffalo is taking off.

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