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Letter: Some male abortion critics speak without understanding

Men without an M.D. behind their name claim to know exactly when “life” begins and how abortions work. Men who are no one’s husband always seem happy to publicly opine about when and where and how someone else’s family should be constituted.

A lot of misinformation pulsates from Facebook memes including – and I wish I were kidding – a religious leader convinced that aborted fetuses are being turned into food additives. Perhaps clapping at the passage of the abortion rights bill wasn’t appropriate, what you wouldn’t have done, but let’s not forget the goose and the gander.

While I appreciate the fact that unrelated males think they have my best interest at heart when they dictate how my body functions, I’m becoming more and more interested in seeing their choices legislated and curbed. Oh, the horror – how they might feel upon wearing the other shoe, unable to ejaculate under penalty of law. Of course, that’s not the same thing!

I don’t have the equipment to know what that feels like. Nor do they know how a dead, deformed, or diseased fetus feels inside their womb with threat of prison time if they dare to remove it.

Tammy Mongerson


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