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Letter: Until we elect competent pols, New Era and others will leave

Andrew Cuomo, Brian Higgins, and Mark Poloncarz were shocked when New Era Cap’s Derby facility announced it would close in March and move its “union” manufacturing operation to Miami. Not to shoulder any responsibility, Higgins blamed Trump’s tariffs, New Era responded that “tariffs were not a factor in the plants closure.” Democrats need to address how their party tax and regulate businesses like New Era.

Public sector unions are different than the union that represented New Era. Public sector unions need to be independently audited to trim waste and reduce their generous salaries, benefits, and pensions that are paid for by taxpayers. Property, school, and sales taxes could then be lowered. New York’s public sector unions are responsible for driving New Era along with many other businesses out of New York State.

New York State will remain the highest taxed state in America until politicians are elected who know what they are doing.

Joe Cyran


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