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Letter: GOP must finally address yet unmet women’s issues

One hundred years seems like a long time, but in 2020 we will mark the centennial of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the amendment that gave women the right to vote.

The Women’s Suffrage movement began in the 1840s with some states providing limited voting rights until the amendment was passed in 1920.

During the course of this fight women were beaten, abused and sometimes jailed. As is too often the case the sacrifices that were made have been forgotten and a woman’s right to vote taken for granted. Many of the Democratic women wore white during the State of the Union Address on Feb. 5 to honor those women.

If you looked at the audience it quickly became clear how very few women could be found in the Republican ranks. That might explain the chorus of cheers from Republicans when President Trump made his only specific legislative initiative for new laws to limit abortion. What would the law of the land be if men could get pregnant? But I digress.

The progress women have made in the political arena should be applauded, but there is so much more that needs to be done to provide women the opportunities, fair wages and safe working environments they are entitled to. Barriers to corporate success still exist.

And as the many women who have made public their stories of sexual harassment demonstrate, the culture within many businesses still turns a blind eye to abuses. Rather than focus on reproduction, Republicans would be well served to address the continuing inequities women face in our society.

If they did so, maybe there would be more Republican women in Congress.

Ray Castro


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