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Letter: Drawing Kamala Harris as a pickpocket is unfair

I take exception to the Feb. 1 Michael Ramirez cartoon which implied Kamala Harris is going to pay for free health care by pick pocketing the USA – depicted as gullible middle class with a hoodie and ball cap.

Ramirez has fallen prey to, and perpetuates with this misfit cartoon, a false mindset which can briefly be stated as follows: Why is it no one questions where the money comes from for another unnecessary aircraft carrier or tax break for the rich, or millions of dollars in aid to a country thousands of miles away but when it comes to health care or childcare all the Big Money in power lament with the same chorus “Great idea, but how do we pay for it?”

Looks like Ramirez has been drinking the Kool–Aid freely distributed by the corporate-controlled Congress – maybe he could put it down long enough to draw me a cartoon showing how we will pay for President Trump’s Tax break or for our 20th year in Afghanistan or for a useless wall?

Phil Parshall


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