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Letter: So-called reproductive bill does nothing for women

Until this very moment I have never been so ashamed to be a New Yorker.

This comes on the footsteps of the passage of the Reproductive Health Act. To be clear, there is nothing “reproductive” about this, which is the most extreme, barbaric, cruel and inhumane bill we have ever passed in our state.

New York already had the most liberal abortion laws on the books nationwide, so there was no good reason for this cruel bill, which absolutely does “nothing” to protect the health of the woman.

Will I leave New York because of this catastrophic bill? Absolutely not! As a good Christian, we must carry on the fight to not only overturn Roe v. Wade, but to pass national legislation outlawing abortion in all 50 states. Until then we will do our best to convince the many women who will be faced with this gut-wrenching decision, that there

alternatives to this permanent solution.

Gregory Mayback


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