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Letter: City could use a boost from grocery and retail

I have lived in downtown Buffalo since 2007 after relocating from a wonderful nearby suburb. Since then our city has been going strong. It is safe and an exciting place to be. Downtown has virtually everything for individuals and families. There are restaurants, entertainment facilities, hotels, housing, schools or businesses at nearly every corner. Even so, Buffalo still lags behind redevelopment in similar cities like Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit.

Our government population has two immediate needs – a grocery store and retail shop proximity. There presently exists the transformational framework for both. First, the Main Place Mall building is a great venue for a state-of-the art supermarket. Like supermarkets located in high-rise buildings in the core of cities such as Washington D.C., it would have underground parking, adjoining public transportation for urbanites and suburbanites, a thriving private and public-sector workforce, diverse residential populations and destination traffic from Canalside and the cobblestone district.

And second, such an addition to the downtown landscape more than likely would incentivize depressed mall retailers throughout Western New York who are closing their stores in droves to reopen them nearby on Main Street. Also, it probably would jump-start efforts to complete the former AM&A’s building renovation.

Carol Skretny


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