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Letter: Cable news feeds political divisiveness

I turned on the cable “news” networks to see their takes on the State of the Union speech. It was here that I saw the real problem of the “state of our union,” the two polar opposite views and criticisms of the event.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe had its usual Donald Trump bashing after the speech. They mostly focused on Trump’s statement that basically said no legislation can go forward unless the investigations against him and his people were dropped. I then turned on Fox Network Fox & Friends to hear their version. I immediately was thrust into listening to the three “journalists” and Donald Jr. lambast the entire Democratic Party as Socialists.

So, which network’s coverage damages our sense of national unity? Both networks insinuate, or just come right out and say, that if one has an opposing view on any issue, that they are evil and must be stopped at all costs. Maybe this is why our politics are so extreme?

We as Americans then believe that others, who only have a differing point of view, are morally evil. How can any nation survive if its people despise each other? The politicians are only a symptom of this illness, feeding the rhetoric so they can “secure their base.”

What ever happened to compromise? It has disappeared in a world filled with sensationalist networks clamoring for viewers who like to hear how right their beliefs are, and for advertising dollars. Until this sensationalist form of reporting is held accountable to the truth, this nation won’t be unified. In the meantime, the majority of us who dwell near the political middle, will keep being ignored by politicians “appealing to their base.”

Christopher Luksch


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