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Letter: Running away from the state will solve nothing in the end

President Trump said again to legal taxpaying New York Citizens “Go to another state?” How about

. How about instead the president MAGA (Make Andy Go Away).

Trump is the leader of my hometown, my county, my state and that of every other state in the union. This is


Cuomo’s, Sens. Chuck Schumer’s, Kirsten Gillibrand’s and the rest of their neo-liberalism socialist ilk.

Instead of letting a Social Democratic regime take over and destroy New York State, the president needs to step in and stomp out all of the unconstitutional socialist agenda going on here. I can’t afford, like him, to just pick up and move. I’ve just changed careers, gone back to school to finish my degree and found a great job with great people I can grow old and retire at and I will fight to fix New York rather than run away.

I will fight for the Constitution, home rule, the separation of east and west New York, the reinstatement of New York citizens referendum process, term limits and anything else that reminds elected representatives that they are representatives and


The president should not be suggesting I flee to another state because what if that state turns socialist like New York? Flee that one too because there are others left?

The president needs to step in as the state’s, nation’s and, honestly, the world’s leader and fix things rather than suggest running away and abandoning them. Maybe he should look at the nation’s core problem of how the two political parties have grown into such disparagingly different philosophies which can only inevitably lead to civil war?

Frank Kolbmann


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