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Letter: Everyone deserves care, regardless of condition

Survivors. Maybe you are one, maybe you know one. You’ve persisted and continued despite a devastating diagnosis. Congratulate yourselves. Now support those that are dealing with some of the same issues today.

Before the Affordable Care Act, you could have been denied insurance or you could have maxed out of benefits because of treatments.

Did you benefit? Yes.

The costs of medical treatments for disease/ conditions are still out of reach for some. We can do better. No one deserves a disease. Everyone deserves health care.

It’s time for Medicare for All or the New York State Health Act. It has passed the New York State Assembly three times. It’s time to pass the New York State Senate.

It’s time we invest in the health of our citizenry.

GoFundMe should not be a integral part of patient treatment. Let your representatives know that health care for all is important.

Angela Kelschenbach

West Seneca

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