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Great Lakes Brewing News publisher will resign after article's backlash

Bill Metzger, the Great Lakes Brewing News publisher/owner whose "satirical" article drew the ire of craft-beer fans around the nation, will resign from his roles at the outlet, Forbes reports.

The resignation announcement comes shortly after Buffalo-based Metzger, who also owns Gene McCarthy's and Old First Ward Brewing, wrote a front-page piece entitled "Scottish Hopping to Real Ale" for the February/March issue of the regional industry newsletter, in which the protagonist discusses leveraging sexual contact and using alcohol to seduce women.

In a scathing retort (and later, an update) by beer columnist Robin LeBlanc, author of The Thirsty Wench, Metzger's misogynistic comments were spotlighted and condemned; LeBlanc's Feb. 12 post fueled reaction from breweries and beer lovers around the country.

In an interview with The News' Andrew Galarneau, Metzger argued the character in his story wasn't himself, and that the piece as a whole was intended to be part of a larger series of satire, but the damage was done, as advertisers around the country - and at least seven in Buffalo - pulled their support. Some scorned Great Lakes Brewing News by burning stacks of the newsletter or pretending to flush them down toilets.

Of the seven regional Brewing News branches, three will be taken over fully by co-owner Jamie Magee once Metzger officially relinquishes his stake, Forbes added. Metzger will help the other four branches transition to new ownership, without any editorial input.


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