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Letter: Let’s not be judgmental when it comes to Northam

I know personally from family that we all see “history” through our own lens. Being one of four kids, some of the same events were viewed very differently by each of us.

I can understand how Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam can mix-up his photo memories trying to recall exactly what happened at that time. We all manipulate what we see and how we see it. We have no other input from anyone about this incident or from anyone who thought they were violated by it.

Not many of us have gone through life without having done some stupid things. I think we need some mistakes and frustrations in order to grow, to know our limits and define our thinking. It seems that the movement for Northam’s resignation is running on the fuel of “purity.” Can we expect our elected politicians to be perfect? And why should we want the “perfect” to undo the good? I would expect the governor if he survives this test, to be a better governor and a better person. The bible says “let those without sin throw the first stone.” Who wants to step forward?

Ben Perrone


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