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Letter: Lafayette tree trimming has ruined striking views

I was mortified watching our street trees on Lafayette Avenue being trimmed yesterday. What was a glorious canopy of big shade trees now looks more like tall corn stalks. Instead of looking at a beautiful wall of greenery from my front porch this warm season, I will now be treated to viewing tree trunks baring the bright scars of their amputated limbs. And the wonderful sight and sound of various birds flying and chirping will now be faintly seen and heard some 20 feet up in the air.

I am certainly not opposed to necessary tree trimming for branches that are dead, are too low for necessary visibility from and to the street and overhead parking clearance, and that are blocking street lights from effective and necessary illumination. Our trees did need trimming for these reasons. But they were trimmed way too high up. A few feet lower would have been just as effective and certainly would have looked a lot better.

Our street now looks radically and unpleasantly different. Who knows how long it will take for a more-lush appearance to return? Our urban forest is one of our greatest and most beautiful assets. Out of town visitors are often amazed and comment on the quantity and quality of our trees. This should not be diminished by overkill trimming. More thoughtful, better planned and supervised trimming is certainly in order.

Ted Czajkowski


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