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Letter: Coalition of centrists needed to repair system

On January 2017, when Deborah Glick, the New York Assembly sponsor of the new abortion law was asked during debate,

“So, if a baby is born intact and alive but has not yet taken its first breath, it has no rights?” Assemblymember Steven F. McLaughlin asked. “Is that the position you are taking?”

“New York state law says you are alive when you begin to breathe,” Glick said. “That’s not me, that’s just the law.”*

When I mentioned that to a friend, he said “No legislative body would allow that – maybe liberal judge, but not a majority of people who wanted to get re-elected.”

And then last week I watched Andrew Cuomo joyfully proclaim to a cheering crowd, just that. Approval of abortion is one thing but why isn’t waiting beyond viability, except for extreme circumstances, obvious infanticide? Where are the ethicists? Isn’t there some moral obligation on the part of the potential mother to either decide earlier or abrogate her right to the rights of the new life?

Both parties are being led by their extremes playing gotcha politics while their respective rank and file legislators across the country go along with it to get their money for the next election instead of compromising to “do the right thing.” The two-party system may be broken as Howard Schultz contends but a better solution might be to run as a moderate Democrat promising to form a coalition of centrists from both parties to do what’s best for America and not politicians.

Dominic Verso


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