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Editorial: Questionable satire; Buffalo musicians at Grammys; RIP, Oppy

Was it satire, as its author later insisted, or was it simply piggish? We’d bet on the latter, but either way, it was a boneheaded move.

The article, written by craft beer aficionado Bill Metzger for the Great Lake Brewing News, bemoans the state of men who are suddenly and unfairly prevented from attempting to hit on any and every woman he wishes. Really.

“In the age of #metoo, the pendulum has swung too far,” he complains. “One aggressive move and a man’s career can derail. … My instincts to bed every woman I see are reducing from a king-sized mattress to a cot … Today’s rules put men like me in the equivalent of a feminazi re-education program …” It drones on, but you get it.

A few points: Metzger plainly needed an editor. Not only was he bound to be slammed for his obnoxiousness, but the writing was clumsy. Come on.

Second, any journalist who has attempted satire will tell you it usually backfires. Even good efforts – and this wasn’t one – are frequently misunderstood.

Finally, Metzger is the publisher of the Great Lakes News. Like the lawyer who represents himself – you know what they say about that – he should have known better than to trust his own judgment, especially on a man’s supposed right to treat women as sexual accessories.


Congratulations to Buffalo’s shining musicians. Five of them took home Grammy awards in this week’s ceremony:

• James Foye III won for Best Rap Album for his work on Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy.”

• Michael Christie won Best Opera Recording for work on “Bates: The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.”

• Annie Stoll won Best Box Set or Special Limited Edition Package for work as one of three designers on “Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of Weird Al Yankovic.”

• Tom Hambridge won Best Traditional Blues Album for his work on Buddy Guy’s “Blues Is Alive and Well” album. It was his third Grammy.

• Joann Falletta, conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, also won her third Grammy for a recording of works by the American composer Kenneth Fuchs with the London Symphony Orchestra.

In the words of Buddy Guy’s pal Keith Richards, gold rings on you all.


RIP Opportunity, the Mars rover that was declared dead this week after 15 years of roaming the red planet – 14 years more than expected. It was a great run for a great little droid.

Known as Oppy, the rover found signs of liquid water and conditions that could, at one time, have sustained life. Maybe a Martian will stumble upon it.

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