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Letter: Trump’s daily untruths may not be in his control

Recently it has come out in the New York Times that our president has told in the past two years over 8,100 false or misleading statements. If we say that two years is equal to 730 days then that means the average daily untruth comes to 10.96 per day.

With all the above being said, I found a possible answer as to why there is an uncontrollable urge of our president to lie or mislead that is based on a 2018 psychological study. Psychologists conducted the study at the University of Southern California. They screened 108 people and classified them as either habitual liars or truth tellers.

Based on this study, it noted that some people’s brains were built to lie. In the study a MRI was used to scan the subjects prefrontal cortexes of the brain. This area of the brain controlled moral behavior and strategizing. It turned out liar’s brains had 26 percent more of white matter that managed complex planning.

Also, 14 percent had less grey matter, which was the brain’s tissue that regulated impulse control. So, the liar’s brains appeared to be wired for “deceit,” combining a greater capacity for quick thinking with a reduced ability to “feel remorse.” The chief researcher stated, “lying is cognitively complex.”

The above material was found in a booklet of a magazine called “The Week.” I would love to know what an MRI of our president’s prefrontal cortexes would show. I guess that will never occur.

Joseph Borzelliere


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