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Letter: Professional politician is now just a way of life

Hold my beer. Blah Blah Blah. Social media is on fire by some because Mark Poloncarz is running for a third term. We now live in the world of the professional politician where lifetime service in office is a real option and goal for some. Most voters don’t seem to care as they allow it to happen via their vote. For those that do term limits are the only answer for the professional politicians like him, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Robin Schimminger, Mitch McConnell et al. on

political sides. All we can do is whine and complain about it right now.

The presidency has term limits since Franklin Roosevelt’s terms but not many other political offices do. Something about losing the good ones along with the bad ones for some voters. Our Founding Fathers came to Washington, D.C., did their work, and went home to their real jobs as most of us were taught in school. Unsure if this is even taught in school anymore. It may have gone the way of the Pledge of Allegiance.

To many politicians these days, it’s all about being self-serving and

public service. Doesn’t bother me anymore as I’ve become used to it.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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