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Ontario police ask for help across the border in finding hit man

Two weeks after Cece Luppino was gunned down at his father's home in Hamilton, Ont., police there are reaching across the border for help identifying the hit man who killed him.

Cece Luppino, 43, "came from a family with a long history of traditional organized crime in Hamilton, starting with his grandfather the late Giacomo Luppino – the original family mob boss," the Toronto Star reported.

Cece’s father, Rocco, "is one of Giacomo’s sons who is alleged in court documents to be a 'made' member of the mafia family," the Star said.

However, Cece Luppino rejected being "made" himself and had no criminal record, according to police transcripts published by the Hamilton Spectator.

His cousin, Domenico Violi, was sentenced late last year in U.S. court to eight years in prison in a drug trafficking case that included allegations of organized crime involvement in Buffalo. In wiretap conversations made public as part of the case, Violi, 52, of Hamilton made claims he is the new second-in-charge of what he described as the Buffalo Mafia and the first Canadian to serve in a leadership position in a U.S.-based Mafia family.

Hamilton police say Cece Luppino was shot and killed at about 3:10 p.m. on Jan. 30.

Investigators in Canada described his killer as "male, black, average or athletic build, wearing a black waist-length winter coat, black pants, black boots, black toque and grey shirt."

Surveillance video footage showed Luppino arriving home and several minutes later, the suspect appeared on the a sidewalk on Rendell Boulevard.

"He is observed milling around for a short period before walking through the neighbouring property at 52 Mountain Brow Blvd., and into the victim’s open garage," Hamilton police said in a statement. The gunman is then seen fleeing.

Police don't know if the shooter was acting alone or had an accomplice. They said a dark, four-door sedan was seen in the area but have not confirmed it was the getaway car.

On Thursday, police asked Buffalo police and other area agencies to publicize photos of the hit man.

Hamilton police released these four images of the suspect in the fatal shooting of Cece Luppino on Jan. 30 in Hamilton, Ont. (Courtesy of Hamilton Police Service)

Is the Buffalo Mafia dead or alive?

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