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Letter: Trump should not get another shutdown shot

The first shutdown finally generated some anger but it was publicly expressed only by people directly affected, people living paycheck-to-paycheck, most of them people with little political clout. We all ought to be outraged! Congress should have been appalled.

The idea that a president of the United States would bypass the democratic process and shut down the government to get something he wants, with callous disregard for the suffering such a petty vindictive act would cause, would be unthinkable. The fact that it happened, and that the president’s own party supported the act, should have been received with unanimous and loud outrage. Think about it!

American democracy has been held up as a model for the world, and it has been subverted by the American president. Could it be that the reality of what he has done is so hard to conceptualize, that the reality of it hasn’t sunk in yet?

Yes, the unthinkable happened: to satisfy his ego, President Trump blatantly subverted the democratic process, and seriously hurt hundreds of thousands of American families – workers in his own government!

Not to mention the hundreds (thousands?) more who depended on government contracts, and who won’t be reimbursed.

After the failure of his bizarre campaign promise (“Mexico will pay for it!”) he has blamed the Democrats for the shutdown, even though he promised on national television that he wouldn’t.

And now, incredibly, the threat looms again.

The Democrats are in a bind; they can’t give in – for exactly the same reason our government will not pay ransom to terrorists.

This is utenable, outrageous!

All Americans, no matter their political affiliation, should protest loudly at this outrage, this callously cruel act, this unthinkable subversion of our democracy.

Phillips Stevens, Jr., Ph.D.


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