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Letter: Take a look in the mirror on immigration question

What is the problem with Central Americans coming to the United States?

Some believe that too many people cause competition for jobs and burden our social welfare system. But most economists agree that in a developed country immigration is an economic boost.

Is the problem that the people coming are dangerous criminals who want to prey on us?

This is unlikely because “illegal” immigrants are less likely to break the law than legal immigrants or native-born Americans (see “Criminal Immigrants in Texas: Illegal Immigrant Conviction and Arrest Rates for Homicide, Sex Crimes, Larceny, and Other Crimes” by the Cato Institute”).

Plus, law enforcement here is far more effective than in the countries these people came from.

But the question that isn’t being asked is, “Why do Central Americans want to come to the U.S.?” There are better economic opportunities here and our country is much safer. But why is this?

U.S. protection of corporate and economic interests has played a major role.

We have overthrown democratically elected governments and provided training and support for brutal dictatorships (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras). And we export subsidized beans and corn to Central America, putting many small farmers out of business. This has led to destabilization of the area, which has caused much of today’s crisis.

Ironically, we are afraid of the very immigrants who are fleeing dangerous conditions that the United States caused!

Rebecca Wightman

East Aurora

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