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Letter: Socialistic agenda is wrong for this country’s citizens

The word “progressive” means moving forward or advancing progress; politicians love to use positive words to advance their agendas. Progressive socialism has been gaining ground within the Democratic Party and may become an important political direction as the 2020 elections approach.

Should we be concerned?

Bernie Sanders coined the term “Democratic Socialism” in the last presidential election. He promised free education and a single payer health care system. Older Americans know that socialism infers more government control and less individual freedom. The young people of America see socialism in its more ideal form; bringing an equitable sharing of goods and services to all.

One problem with Bernie Sanders’ agenda is the lack of fiscal responsibility. Who will pay for all these “free” services?

Many Democrats today are espousing “Progressive Socialism.” Elizabeth Warren recently submitted her “Accountable Capitalism Act.” This should be called the “Destruction of Capitalism Act” as it would give the federal government excessive control over U.S. corporations. The U.S. Constitution gives the government power to “collect taxes on income” not conduct wealth redistribution.

Currently momentum is building in Congress for a “Medicare for All” plan. A recent study by George Mason University indicated that this may cost the federal government $3.2 trillion over the next 10 years.

Politicians have pointed to Sweden where Universal Health care is working. But they don’t mention that Swedish citizens pay an average tax rate of 44 percent and a sales tax of 25 percent to help fund their generous government services.

Recent studies have indicated that more Democrats prefer socialism to capitalism. Capitalism has issues that should be addressed but it still promotes an entrepreneurial spirit that has made our country a world leader.

Darker days are ahead for our country if a socialistic agenda gets a foothold in our government.

Doug Doores

North Tonawanda

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