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Letter: Politicians should embrace voter ID requirements

Within the last few decades, it has become abundantly clear that voting reforms are necessary, and that some form of standardization is a must.

One way to standardize how we vote is to insist on voter ID.

This can be accomplished without any changes to voting machines or ballots cast.

Face it, you need an ID to drive a car, go hunting and fishing, purchase alcohol, and withdraw money from your bank account.

So why are some politicians aghast over having to show your ID to vote?


Because some voters are undocumented which should be illegal to begin with, and they are counting on these votes to sway an election.

Another reason to insist on voter ID is to ensure that we avoid duplicate ballots and ballots cast using names of the deceased.

In this day and age of technology, there is no reason why ballots cannot be cast via computers which can then tally results. While proof of identification can take many forms, driver’s license, government ID or even fingerprints; it is possible to arrive at a system which can also serve multiple functions.

Besides assuring voting privileges, it can check for fugitive wants and warrants, legality of citizenship, and assist in assessing demographics for fairness in redistricting.

This should not even be a question. Those politicians opposed to this are so desperate for power that to them the ends justify the means even if it means jeopardizing homeland security in the process.

This minor step will go a long way and cost very little to initiate, and should be a high priority before the next election.

Charles D. Carter


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