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Letter: Northam is not the only one who wore offensive costumes

Ralph Northam is an easy target. He is neither likeable nor honorable, and he certainly failed when it came time to take responsibility for his past actions.

But, before any of us add on more of our outrage I want to confess to being in Halloween pictures where I dressed like a fat lady.

Don’t forget to check your old photo albums for cowboys and Indian costumes adorned with hatchets to scalp enemy children.

The list goes on.

Hoboes? Crazy people? Elderly, gray haired ladies carrying canes and forgetting where/who they are?

Was my neighborhood the only one who was insensitive to others?

And I don’t excuse the costumes because we were young and not in college as was Northam. Someone over 20 dressed me for the occasion.

It may be time for us to consider zero tolerance. It doesn’t work; ask Al Franken. I understand the danger of ever stepping out from “group think” especially when it’s so popular with the Democratic Party.

I can easily go along with the cry for Northam’s resignation, but I do think the liberal Democrats, of which I am proudly one, risk being narrow minded and judgmental more than progressive.

It’s always easy to add a voice to the crowd shouting for an end to intolerance, social injustice and downright bigotry.

It is harder to realize we’ve all been cruel at times, and that’s what it was, and decide to do something more than being angered by what the other person did.

We all did it.

Shame on us.

Lynn Sullivan

Orchard Park

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